Views of Director

Shanjida Rahman (Director)

Adnan Feed – Contentment in Adnan, Having the right amount of nutrients leads to less eating and more.

The livestock and fisheries sectors have an important long played role in the economic development of Bangladesh. Adnan Agro Ltd. has taken initiatives to fulfill the protein deficit of the country by supplying quality feeds for the poultry, fish and cattle. Thus, we will able to play a huge role in meeting nutritional needs of the country in producing healthy eggs, meat and milk, are playing a huge role in meeting the.

After agriculture, Bangladesh’s poultry industry is making the biggest contribution to women’s empowerment in the rural economy. About 40 percent of the people who make a living here are women. After garment industry, this industry is playing a role in employment. We hope Adnan Agro Ltd. will show the way to a new revolution in Bangladesh, especially in the field of self-employment.