Broiler Grower

Broiler Grower Feed

Type: Pellet

Guaranteed Analysis: Maize, Soybean Cake, Full Fat Soybean, Protein, Rice Polish, Essential Amino Acids, Enzymes, Anti-Oxidant, Vitamin, Mineral Premixes and other Feed Additives.

Storage Instructions: 

  • Store feed in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area.
  • Rotate stock to use old feed first. “First in, first out” principle.
  • Keep bags stacked neatly on pallets to prevent feed from being in direct contact with damp floors.
  • Bags should be stacked to allow at least 18 inches between walls and upright supports. This allows for cleaning and placement of traps/bait boxes. This also prevents condensation on walls from damaging feed and permits necessary air flow around the bags.
  • Keep different types of feed separate and clearly marked. Be particularly careful not to mix bags of other feed together.

Pack sizes: 50 kg

Packaging Type:  Dual side laminated moisture protected high quality PP bag

Shelf Life: Within 45 days of packing

Nutritional Values (% Maximum): Humidity (Maximum- 11.00), Crude Protein (Minimum- 21.00-21.50), Crude Fat (Minimum-6.50), Crude Fiber (Maximum-4.00), Calcium (Minimum-0.90), Phosphorous (Minimum-0.45), Lysine (Minimum-1.25), Methionine (Minimum-0.52), Metabolic Energy (3100 Kcal/Kg), Vitamin & Minerals (As needed).