Adnan Cattle Feed To meet the nutritional demand of dairy products, our cattle feed products contains protein, energy, fat, essential minerals and vitamins in enough quantities our cases ADNAN
Poultry Feed.
High-quality product helps in weight gain and quicker development, which thusly, improves the FCR (Feed Conversion Ratio), performance index and immunity our cases
Adnan Fish Feed Our nutritionally balanced and scientifically formulated products help in weight gain and consistency, increase endurance rates and improve the feed conversion ratio (FCR). our cases Adnan Poultry Feed Our nutritionally balanced and scientifically formulated products help in weight gain and consistency, increase endurance rates and improve the feed conversion ratio (FCR). our cases
Our purpose not only reflects the time-honored principles but it also gives us direction to positively impact to the animal nutrition of Bangladesh.

Being an Adnan Feed dealer is a very rewarding experience. If you qualify, you will be part of a family that has been serving the needs of the farmers. We are having a very loyal large and growing customer base. These customers depend on Adnan Brand Feeds for their animal’s health and performance; our dealers play a prominent role in building this all-important relationship. For those who share in our philosophy and can demonstrate successful business experience and financial ability an opportunity to become an Adnan Feed Dealer may be right for you.

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About UsWe commit ourselves to the vision of conducting our business in a socially responsible and sustainable way

At a Glance

Feed and food safety are key elements in our quality management and guarantee safe products for a successful and sustainable feed production.

Our Responsibility

Bonds and commodities are much more stable than stocks and trades. We allow our clients to invest in the right bonds & commodities.

Our Goals

Companies dislike the term ‘turnaround consulting’ because it represents failure. The truth is that turnaround consulting represents success.

Our ProductsWe hold our products to the highest standard, from incoming ingredients to finished products. We do not just follow standards, we set them. Maximizing quality and safety means tracking every last ingredient that goes into our feeds.

Major components of poultry feed, such as moisture, protein, fat, and ash, can have a key influence on poultry growth or egg production. Therefore, accurate analysis of these nutritional parameters within the feed is highly important for both animal well-being and the overall profits of farmers.
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Analyzing cattle feeds for moisture, protein, and energy is recommended. Furthermore, you may wish to identify key minerals or minor nutrients of interest. Typically, results are reported on an as-is and dry matter basis.
DRY MATTER, %: 85.6
MOISTURE, %: 14.4
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When fish are reared in high densities, they require high quality, nutritionally complete and balanced feed to grow rapidly and remain healthy. The series of nutritional analyses that are performed are called “proximate analysis”, and this seeks to estimate the different components of feed.
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Advisors & SpecialistsEach member brings their unique skills and experience, and can call upon the larger group when needed. Our team approach means that every veterinary doctor and technician is supported by their manager, team leader, training team and teammates.

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Adnan Agro GalleryTogether, Adnan Feed and the farmers will strive to be the most trusted and preeminent focused animal nutrition brands in Bangladesh.

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